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Why is Silk Bedding "Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer"?

Silk can absorb up to 30% of its own weight in moisture before it feels damp. As the temperature in the bed rises, you perspire more. The water then evaporates from the silk duvet because of your body heat. Evaporation causes cooling. So in effect the silk acts as a thermostat. The more you heat up the more the 'breathable' silk provides cooling and vice versa. So you get excellent sleep at an even temperature throughout the night.


What is a Tog Value?

A tog value is a strange measure of thermal insulation ('equal to ten times the temperature difference (in °C) between its two surfaces when the flow of heat is equal to one watt per square metre.'). The thicker the duvet; the less heat escapes ... the higher the Tog value.


Which Tog Value do I need?

These duvets are available in 2 Tog values - 4 Tog and 9 Tog. The tog value which will best suit you depends on several factors including the ambient room temperature through the night, and your personal preference for a warmer/cooler cover.

Generally, we would recommend the 9 Tog as a good all-year-round duvet. The 4 Tog is ideal in the height of Summer - or if you are a particularly 'warm' person. The combination of a 9 Tog and 4 Tog gives you complete flexibility throughout the year either separately or combined (silk ties hold the duvets together) for cold winter nights - and we offer a 10% discount when you purchase the combination.


How should Silk Bedding be cleaned?

It is recommended that airing the duvets by hanging it outside (out of direct sunlight) two or three times a year should be sufficient to keep the duvet in good condition. Small areas can be cleaned with a damp sponge. If necessary the duvets can also be Dry Cleaned, and then aired thoroughly, but please bear in mind that Dry Cleaning involves toxins and chemicals while the silk duvets contain natural, organic fibres. The sheets, covers and pillowcases may be hand or machine washed at 30ºC on a delicate cycle. Use a good silk washing agent. Rinse and air dry.


Why is Silk endowed with “Hypoallergenic” or “Anti Allergy” status?

House and Dust Mites are a common cause of allergic reaction in the home. One of their favourite locations is bedding, where their food source is the dead skin that we naturally shed. It has been observed that these mites will not, or perhaps cannot, live in silk. So, provided the rest of the bedding is washed regularly to keep it "mite-free", this source of allergy can be controlled. Additionally, these duvets are encased in 'habotai' silk unlike most other silk duvets which have cotton outers.


Why is Silk reputed to be good for the health?

Silk and our skin contain the same types of amino acids. Long ago the Chinese observed that silk can be beneficial to our skin and it is thought that these amino acids are responsible. The Chinese believe that they may activate the human skin cells which may help prevent vascular sclerosis, relieve itchy skin and assist in preventing arthritis. Additionally the lightness of the duvet can be more comfortable for those sensitive to the weight of normal duvets, including arthritis sufferers.


What should my Duvet Cover and Sheets be made of?

For sheer luxury and 100% defense against the dreaded house ad dust mites which can cause allergic reactions duvet covers, sheets and pillow cases are available in 5 delightful matching colours. However, cotton duvet covers and sheets are perfectly good as they will be washed regularly, keeping the dreaded house and dust mites at bay, and you will still get all the other benefits associated with silk bedding.


Why is only Long Silk used in the Duvet Filling?

A silkworm's thread can be over a mile long. The duvet filling is made by stretching out many layers of un-spun silk to the size of the duvet. These layers cannot move against each other, so there is no possibility of the silk 'bunching up' within the duvet. A tacking stitch is then made every 40cm or so to hold the duvet case in place.







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