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A tog value is a peculiarly British measure of thermal insulation "equal to ten times the temperature difference (in °C) between its two surfaces when the flow of heat is equal to one watt per square metre.".


These duvets are available in 2 Tog values - 4 Tog and 9 Tog.


The tog value which will best suit you depends on several factors including the ambient room temperature through the night, and your personal preference for a warmer/cooler cover.

As a guideline we suggest:


9 Tog

Suitable throughout the year for most, where the room temperature remains above approx 13°C (55°F).

4 Tog

Generally for Summer use.


13 Tog

For extra warmth and for those who particularly feel the cold at night or where the temperature is likely to fall significantly below 12°C, a 13.5 Tog duvet provides the snuggest winter warmth. The duvets have silk tiestrings, which enables a 4 Tog to be paired with a 9 Tog to form a 13 Tog duvet.

A duvet of each Tog value gives you full flexibility through the year to use one, or the other ... or both.


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